Tuesday, May 12, 2009



I will get around to more posts this week. Stay tuned :]

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


some preprom stuff, from two weeks ago. i know this isn't much of a post but yeah. i think pictures tell stories enough. but omg these nails kind of sucked, last year i got them done by my friend's mom and they were WAY nicer.

my nails

Erika getting a pedicure

we went to eat at 1+1 dumpling after

didn't take pictures of the rest of our food

end results of my nails

Stacey's nails. She wore a red dress and used black for accent colors

Carolynn's nails, i think hers came out nicest

Quinzcy's nails

Stacey and Erika didn't get acrylics but the rest of us did. I should have just got a manicure since only two of my three of my nails out of ten were short -__- Oh well, too late! I'll post a better post tomorrow or maybe tonight.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

prom #1

before I start to talk about prom, I want to rant. I HATE uploading on blogger. The format is always retarded and you can't go back and fix it unless you delete it and then upload it again. Which I JUST did, may I add. I want to take my photos from the photobucket and add it using html, but then they don't fit in the stupid module for blogger. I should just learn how to fix my layout so i could make the blog module wider -__-
So I didn't take any pictures pre-limo because the parents were CRAZY O___O Like PICTURES PICTURES when we were waiting for the limo, then outside of the limo, and when we got INSIDE the freakin' limo. It was kind of scary really. Somewhere on the internet I could probably steal the "all girls", "all guys", and group shot in front of the limo stuff. Probably won't post it though, so here are all the others!
in the limo

with lover in the limo

i felt like sitting on the floor after awhile

the "bar" i think there was on the other end but i sat at the back

control panel/intercom

with one of the princesses aka taiwanese buddy<3>

there was horse carriage rides! so romantic, even if the ride was short

the top of "ceiling" of the carriage

lover and i in carriage =D

my "little brother"

we're wearing primary colors!
denny's after!

more pictures of people ordering

corsage and the boutonniere
Our prom was at the LA Science center, it was REALLY nice. I liked it a lot and there was food this year! Not just cheese and crackers (like last year) and lots of fruit. I was happy :] There was gambling and charicatuers (can't spell it, and spellcheck isn't fixing it) but I didn't get one this year. We accidentally walked into the wrong prom entrance. The other school's entrance was AMAZING, they had one of those ribbon dancers hanging from the ceiling O___O Then we realized we were at the wrong one (was wondering why I didn't see any familiar faces) and walked away. I'm kind of happy we did though, because they freakin took my chapstick and lipglass. I was like "WTF? What's wrong with those!?" So I went back to the check and got my stuff back. I was kind of bitchy about it because I was like "You pay me $12 for lipgloss D<"

There was plants surrounding the room, which gave it a really nice feel. The mainfloor had a GIANT fountain the middle of it. It was nice, but made the area around it colder. There was also some reflects on the wall that was really entertaining to watch. I don't know why I didn't take a picture of it at the time. The music pretty much sucked most the time but I liked prom overall.

We went to Denny's after prom. I ordered the appetizer sampler because I wasn't in the mood for a full on meal. Mozzarella sticks are delicious! A lot of other people also came to Denny's so when I left there was like three limos outside. I ended up leaving early because lover's parents came early and I was getting a ride. I ended up getting home around 1:30 which was early considering we had the limo until 2. I knocked home and that was my day XD I didn't get any good pictures of the make up. But you can see it in some of the pictures. I don't feel like uploading the couple pictures because I think they came out bad. Stay tuned for "Prom Eve" post. I dont' know why I posting that after the prom one, but yeah =D Also Prom#2 is going to be next Saturday. I actually have a lot to blog about but have been to lazy to get pictures off camera. I don't really use this as a beauty blog XD