Thursday, April 23, 2009

saphire eyes (?)

So I attempted doing eye make up for my prom dress. I don't have the right color -__- All the blues I have are either too light or too dark, so I improvise! Pretend that the left eye's eyeliner isn't stupid :] I believe I didn't put mascaras on my lower lashes so yeah.

flash of both eyes. right or left? Both have falsies on, the right eye was not cooperating.

ignore the shiny skin D:
no flash, i don't know why everything seems to have a yellow tone. maybe it was the light in that room

does not have the gold/yellow at all in person

So what do you think I should do? I also have some recent hauls to post up. And also an outfit that I'd like to share. Hmm, so much things to take pictures of! More stuff coming after the weekend for sure, if not by Friday. Prom is this Saturday, so there's going to be A LOT of pictures from that. Oh yeah, I also wonder what I should do for hair. I like the way the HC queen did it for our HC football game.

I think since I don't know her that well I should protect her privacy, but yeah. I like her hair :] But I haven't gotten the chance to ask a salon if they're able to do my hair that morning so I'm effed if I don't go tomorrow and make an appointment. I was HC princess, so no big tiara for me, but I was happy for her.

And for kicks, dad and I at the HC football game.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


So on my conquest to become a more diligent blogger, I am doing another post this week. Shocking, yes. I think I'd rather procrasinate than to my homework. this is the result:

Dress for prom, took the photo in another room because mine gives it a kind of yellow tint. I think that room does also becaue it is painted a shade of green. Used higher ISO and brightnessClose up of the bust. So I'm attending two proms this year. My own prom and my friend's at Glen A. Wilson H.S. I don't know whether to wear this dress at his prom or mine. I might go out and get a red dress because that it what I originally wanted to wear (or purple because purple is my favorite color). Or I could just borrow a friend's dress for the other prom. I don't know what to do D:

Went to Charolette Russue to get a pair of heels and this is what I came out with

cute rufflely shirt, its cream colored

white 3/4 sleeved shirt, with a tie collar. 100% cotton and it's nice and soft :]

cute strapless dress, but it's a little big. can't fit mediums in dresses :[

the detail on the dress. the flowers are velvety and the band isn't as gold in real life. It does have shimmer though

pencil skirt, this one is a tiny bit tight. when I get fat it all goes to my hips >[

detal of the skirt and a better picture of the skirt's color

the whole reason I went to the mall that day:I wanted the black ones, but alas they didn't have my size AGAIN. It's so annoying they always either have 6 or 8 but not 7. I think it's also really annoying that they don't carry half sizes so the 7 is a tiny bit big. The red ones were on sale for $10 so I bought them :] The black ones were still regular price for $25, I would have bought the black ones at full price but yeah -__-

I got this clock at Target. I first saw it when I was out with the lover, but it was $80! I saw it again when I went with my sister and it was $20 so I got it :] The clock is HUGE! I think it's about 2.5 feet. Too lazy to find the description of it online. Actually I like a lot of the designs from the Umbra Loft collection that this clock came from. Lots of butterflies and kind of lolita looking pieces.


I went the mall and Victoria Secret had their Pink and Victoria Secret underwear for 7 for $25 instead of their normal 5 for $25 so of course I had to take advantage of it. This picture only shows five because I picked some up for my sister. As you can probably tell I like stripes a lot. There were more I liked but not all of them came in XS. I'm not TINY or anything, but the S loosen up really fast and then I can't wear them anymore so XS fits better in the end.

When I got the panties it also came with this card. It has AT LEAST $10 on it. It's supposed to be a surprise when you check out. I think that's really cool so I'll probably use it sometime this week because I'm going to the mall again. It'd be great if there was $50 on it, but I figure it's probably $10. Better than none :]

So my old phone is dying slowly. The one on the right is my OLD OLD sony ericsson. The light on the screen is out (again =--=) and it hasn't come back. I can still use it but it's hard to see anything unless I'm in a brightly lit place. My dad offered to give me the pink one if I feel like spending $10 to unblock it (since we have t-mobile and it's an at&t phone). I didnt want to at first because I wanted to just get a new phone, but since I'm trying to save for (hopefully) Japan this summer I think I'll just spend the $10. I REALLY want the white Haptic Motion phone but it seems it's only available in Korea. I will probably getting the Samsung Behold in espresso, later when my contract year -__-. So annoying, oh well. I wanted the pink one at first but now I decided I don't like it that much.

Nothing much, but wanted to try updating more

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I am so undedicated. I continue to read posts without commenting and such. Sorry for the lurking! I'll try to get better at that. Right now I'm halfway through my Spring Break and I haven't done anything productive at all. I think I'll post accumation of random photos. There has been past things I want to blog about but will probably never get to.
These will start from the most recent (because i don't feel like rearranging the pictures. Stupid blogger can't just put them in with the rest of the text)
nails of the week. my nails are REALLY long right now, but only my left hand. I kept breaking my nails on my right hand. This was taken in indoor light so I might wait until tomorrow to take them in daylight. It's and orange base color with pink glitter over it. Looks much nicer in person.

Pictures of Quinzcy and I outside of Hometown Buffet. We're happy and extremely full. This was last night after it started raining -__- So my hair got straightened from the rain.

Had to find out what a giant cheeto was so went out and bought some. Nothing fancy, it's like a giant cheeto puff. I don't like it that much.

I went to my friend's orchestra concert on March 28th and barely posting pictures up now. She's in the large group picture, bottom row second from the left. Her and her sister are both in the orchestra (so her sister is next to her). It's an orchestra played with tradition Chinese instruments; like zither, bamboo flute, etc. Really interesting kind of 12 girls band ish. The rest of the photos were self shots taken in the HUGE mirror in the girls restroom. Took them in the same place last year, but don't feel like digging the photos up to post. Maybe some other post :]

the most beauty related thing i've done in awhile. I haven't been using my BB cream because my face was breaking out so I waiting for it to calm down again. Curse my acne and scars -__- I keep looking at photos from my sophomore year. My skin was WONDERFUL, tanned but so nice. So I'm hoping I can return it to that state slowly, because the end of freshmen year I had some acne and after the summer it got better.

Been kind of thinking about photography for fun recently, so the lover let me borrow his SLR. The first photo is of a peanut butter chocolate egg from See's that he gave me. I was playing with the camer before eating it. The second one was taken with my Sony cybershot (point and shoot) but I was playing with the camera settings so it was brighter. I kind of learned what ISO is :]

Nothing too interesting I think I'm going to start being more diligent about blogging. Especially seeing Amanda crank out so many posts recently! So inspired by other bloggers, yet laziness gets the better of me. I've been thinking about college, AP tests, prom, and Japan a lot recently. Japan I really hope the exchange progrm will happen this year :[ Well tata for now!