Thursday, April 9, 2009


So on my conquest to become a more diligent blogger, I am doing another post this week. Shocking, yes. I think I'd rather procrasinate than to my homework. this is the result:

Dress for prom, took the photo in another room because mine gives it a kind of yellow tint. I think that room does also becaue it is painted a shade of green. Used higher ISO and brightnessClose up of the bust. So I'm attending two proms this year. My own prom and my friend's at Glen A. Wilson H.S. I don't know whether to wear this dress at his prom or mine. I might go out and get a red dress because that it what I originally wanted to wear (or purple because purple is my favorite color). Or I could just borrow a friend's dress for the other prom. I don't know what to do D:

Went to Charolette Russue to get a pair of heels and this is what I came out with

cute rufflely shirt, its cream colored

white 3/4 sleeved shirt, with a tie collar. 100% cotton and it's nice and soft :]

cute strapless dress, but it's a little big. can't fit mediums in dresses :[

the detail on the dress. the flowers are velvety and the band isn't as gold in real life. It does have shimmer though

pencil skirt, this one is a tiny bit tight. when I get fat it all goes to my hips >[

detal of the skirt and a better picture of the skirt's color

the whole reason I went to the mall that day:I wanted the black ones, but alas they didn't have my size AGAIN. It's so annoying they always either have 6 or 8 but not 7. I think it's also really annoying that they don't carry half sizes so the 7 is a tiny bit big. The red ones were on sale for $10 so I bought them :] The black ones were still regular price for $25, I would have bought the black ones at full price but yeah -__-

I got this clock at Target. I first saw it when I was out with the lover, but it was $80! I saw it again when I went with my sister and it was $20 so I got it :] The clock is HUGE! I think it's about 2.5 feet. Too lazy to find the description of it online. Actually I like a lot of the designs from the Umbra Loft collection that this clock came from. Lots of butterflies and kind of lolita looking pieces.


I went the mall and Victoria Secret had their Pink and Victoria Secret underwear for 7 for $25 instead of their normal 5 for $25 so of course I had to take advantage of it. This picture only shows five because I picked some up for my sister. As you can probably tell I like stripes a lot. There were more I liked but not all of them came in XS. I'm not TINY or anything, but the S loosen up really fast and then I can't wear them anymore so XS fits better in the end.

When I got the panties it also came with this card. It has AT LEAST $10 on it. It's supposed to be a surprise when you check out. I think that's really cool so I'll probably use it sometime this week because I'm going to the mall again. It'd be great if there was $50 on it, but I figure it's probably $10. Better than none :]

So my old phone is dying slowly. The one on the right is my OLD OLD sony ericsson. The light on the screen is out (again =--=) and it hasn't come back. I can still use it but it's hard to see anything unless I'm in a brightly lit place. My dad offered to give me the pink one if I feel like spending $10 to unblock it (since we have t-mobile and it's an at&t phone). I didnt want to at first because I wanted to just get a new phone, but since I'm trying to save for (hopefully) Japan this summer I think I'll just spend the $10. I REALLY want the white Haptic Motion phone but it seems it's only available in Korea. I will probably getting the Samsung Behold in espresso, later when my contract year -__-. So annoying, oh well. I wanted the pink one at first but now I decided I don't like it that much.

Nothing much, but wanted to try updating more


fuzkittie said...

Looove love the ruffle shirt, great hauls!!!

fuzkittie said...

Hi! The layered necklace is from F21! :] $7, go go go get it now~~ Hahaha.

M said...

that ruffly shirt is really cute

the contacts i got about a month a go or so?

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

thanks for commenting :) The prom dress is very pretty! bet you'll look hot in it ;)

i'll do a review on the varnish when i actually use it :D

MiuMiu said...

you should totally get the fruit creams =)
*sigh* i wanna get dressed up and go to prom again!
why can't canada have a charlotte russe!