Thursday, April 23, 2009

saphire eyes (?)

So I attempted doing eye make up for my prom dress. I don't have the right color -__- All the blues I have are either too light or too dark, so I improvise! Pretend that the left eye's eyeliner isn't stupid :] I believe I didn't put mascaras on my lower lashes so yeah.

flash of both eyes. right or left? Both have falsies on, the right eye was not cooperating.

ignore the shiny skin D:
no flash, i don't know why everything seems to have a yellow tone. maybe it was the light in that room

does not have the gold/yellow at all in person

So what do you think I should do? I also have some recent hauls to post up. And also an outfit that I'd like to share. Hmm, so much things to take pictures of! More stuff coming after the weekend for sure, if not by Friday. Prom is this Saturday, so there's going to be A LOT of pictures from that. Oh yeah, I also wonder what I should do for hair. I like the way the HC queen did it for our HC football game.

I think since I don't know her that well I should protect her privacy, but yeah. I like her hair :] But I haven't gotten the chance to ask a salon if they're able to do my hair that morning so I'm effed if I don't go tomorrow and make an appointment. I was HC princess, so no big tiara for me, but I was happy for her.

And for kicks, dad and I at the HC football game.


kawaiikao said...

i like the eye on the right!! i will email you soon...i'm swamped with hw tonight :[

ning * star said...

you look gorgeous!

fuzkittie said...

I like left side, your right eye. The shape is nicer with the natural shape of your eyes.