Saturday, February 28, 2009

curry + yogurt

This post is a bit late. I'm always too lazy to go back and upload old pictures. So we went to Curry House in Rowland Heights/ Hacienda. I'm not sure which city its considered to be in, but it's a few places down from Ninjiya market on Colima. It was on Valentine's day since I had already spent the day before with lover. So I went out with my other lovers :) I called up Erika and Quinzcy, but Bob joined us later because she had nothing to do. I thought she had competition so I didn't bother inviting her and some other friends. Came in the end :p

Here's some pictures of us while waiting for the bus. It took FOREVER, schedule lied.

Erika getting ready to hide

Camera whoring

Erika trying to hide
Was a bit sad that I forgot to go back for the special.

Erika's Shirley Temple

Someone's pink lemonade, I think Quinzcy's

Bob's Cocacola(?)
So I had told everyone to take a picture before they ate there food, but being a dumbass I forgot to take a picture of my own food. I shared an extra large seafood curry with Quinzcy, because she didn't want to order something and we decided to share.

The miso soup looks NOTHING like miso soup, but it was delicious. Came with the udon that Bob had ordered.

Erika's vegetarian curry pasta. I believe all the curry(s) came with a little salad with peanut dressing.

Bob's curry udon
After curry I wanted to try the yogurt place that was next door to it. I've always seen it when I go get in-n-out there, but never got the chance to go. I love how the store is decorated, so colorful and bright. Didn't really take pictures of the place, just random shots of each other.

Bob staring at me (I think?)

I was taking the sour patch kids out, because I didn't want them in my yogurt. I love sour patch kids though :)

Erika and more views of Tutti Frutti (name of yogurt place)

Some candid shots

Even more! I am not a very photogenic person >__<
And my yogurt! I don't know if I like the actual yogurt here too much, but I love the range they had. So much more toppings and flavors to choose from. You can see the cheesecake and brownie bits in my cup, yum <3>
After the yogurt we went into Ninjiya. I went in and got some Asian snacks for my sister and was looking around for the Lucido L products. I wasn't able to tell how much it cost so I opted to buy it later when I did. Luckily I chose not to cause looking back I spent rougly $100 that day. I don't know how >__> We went to the Target afterwards and I picked up some soap, chapstick, and Nivea products. I think I'll post those later though. We took Quinzcy and Erika home because they both had to be back earlier. Quinzcy had work and Erika had to babysit her brother. I felt that the day was too short so Bob and I went over to the Eastland shopping center.
Trying on random crap in Ross. We tried on those latex like leggings. Not very flattering on my legs. So I grabbed a random shirt off the rack to try on with it, but Bob ended up liking it and buying it. It's a pretty nice looking shirt. At the other Target I ended up finding the swim suit I wanted and got it :) I will also post pictures of that in another post. I think I'll end up doing an accumulative haul post soon.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

brown day

Today I had breakfast with Kenly :) Norms wasn't all that great, but we didn't have to wait in line or anything. He treated me today, but I guess it's okay since I have to treat him when I get my license. His car smelled of cigarettes though >[ School was okay. Nothing really special. Bombed my bio exam, no surprise there. Timed writings are a butt D: I can't believe Mr. Emigh forgot to tell us about it. I like the weather today. Too bad I decided to wear a skirt so I was freezing. Thought the sun was going to come out! The weather reminds me of fall :] Nice and breezy. I dont' know have much to post for now. Have to do some homework so I can go to Mr. Wilson tomorrow! Maybe an update later tonight when I charge my camera batteries so I can upload stuff.

Outfit that I wore to school today

I did my nails last night. They're kind of crappy but whatever.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


We went to Disneyland on February 8th. So I think that's about two weeks ago. It was really fun going with friends. For the last three years when I go to Disneyland it's always with band&friends but it felt nicer since it was JUST our friends. There's really not that much to say about the day. We had free hoppers because of the fundraiser thing that most of us took place in so that was really good. We went to Disneyland first and went to California Adventures and then back to Disneyland until the park closed. Which was about 12 am, but I didn't get home until 1:20am because I taking people home.

In line for the first ride of the day :) Space Mountain. I love that ride! Me with Vivian

Haha don't I look stupid :) One of our friends didn't go on the ride though. He get's SOOO freaked out about roller coasters. He hates heights so, but so do I so I can't really relate to him.
We went onto the Astro Blasters (Buzz Lightyear!) ride after. The line was really short and it started to rain while we were in line. I think we went to the gift shop after. We spent quite awhile in the shop because people were getting gifts and to avoid the rain. I remember wandering off the the Star Wars gift shop and was SUPER disappointed because they didn't have have the Ewok keychain I wanted :( I was REALLY sad. I think we went to Indiana Jones and blah blah. Ate? Tiki room, kind of funny. I feel so bad cause I can't remember much. I have a feeling we went on Thunder Mountain after that. We went to California Adventures and the FIRST thing we did was watch the Aladin show there. For all the people that ever go to California Adventures, you should really go see it. It was really good, I never knew about until my friend told us to go. We went to Tower of Terror after.

And that's the result! I don't think you can see me cause my friend had to raise his BIG FREAKIN' hands in front of my friend and my face D<>
After getting off the ride we went to this Animation room that is in the "Hollywood" section of California Adventures.

Typical "couple" photo op. I took it with my secret affair Stacey ;)
There was kind of an art gallery nearby, but you can buy the work. These are some of the ones I liked more.

I loved the detail on this mosaic

This one was a prop, but Little Mermaid is my favorite Disney cartoon movie<3

Cute potrait of Stitch :)
We were on our way to get food, but like four of us wanted to go on the Grizzly Peak ride. It was fuckin' freezing! I don't know if you can imagine it, but California doesn't rain that much. I was soaked XD Oh well it was fun, so then we went to go get food. I was disappointed cause I had thought there was gumbo in California Adventures, but turns out the place only sold clam chowder, chili, brocoli cheese soup (which I love, but I wanted gumb0) and some vegetarian chili I think. I watched my friends eat. They ate at this place on the "pier" that they have in California Adventures. I was sad, they drained the water from the "pier." The ferris wheel was also down. But I finally got to ride the Giant Orange!
We went back to Disneyland and went to watched Fantasmic. I got my gumbo >D YUM delicious and went on Matterhorn and finished the night off with the new Small World ride.

Picture of me and friends on the Small World ride. I am dead tired here, you just can't tell :)

I like that they included the Disney characters. I think the new ride is a lot better<33
I think I will EVENTUALLY do a more beauty related post, but for now I just felt like getting something up and posts with pictures are ALWAYS more interesting.

Friday, February 13, 2009

late nights

Okay so I finished mother's traffic school! Buahah passed the test with flying colors. It was annoying and tedious. The last section I just didn't read, I would skim. I felt like I knew most the things. I guess it's a good review for when I take my behind-the-wheels test in March. Excited, getting my license. So dumb though, I'm going to be 18 in a few months and I'm BARELY getting my license.

I totally live in the night. I mean I feel more comfortable doing work and night. I feel like the day time is for sleeping and spending time in nature. Nights are good for that when its summer. I want to start jogging. This weekend I think I'm going to help with finishing the other room so that I can have a study kind of.

I shall post about the Disneyland trip from the past Sunday and put pictures. I think I'll try to find time to blog more. I also need to get some make up stuff up here so I get join in the fun with rest of the beauty bloggers. I want to do Mona's (Make Me Blush) contest :] I'll probably going to get too lazy or something. Also want cousin to hurry up and come back from Taiwan so I can get my BB cream and stickies<3

Friday! I'm so happy for another three-day weekend. Hopefully I will be more productive! I scheduled my behind-the-wheels training. I'm so lazy to finish that even though I've been driving for the past six months. I haven't driven all week, feels kind of weird. I think I'm just lazy.

Grr mad a boss D< class="blsp-spelling-error" id="SPELLING_ERROR_3">winterbreak! Once this whole week!? UGH -__- I better be getting more work before the month ends, otherwise I won't be able to buy anything next month.

♥ Ann

Monday, February 2, 2009

laying it out

I still need fix this layout and get more pictures up. Hmm and it seems I have to resize the ones from the Irvine trip. Ugh, I'll just reize them for future posts. If anyone REALLY that bored wants to look at them they'll do it themselves.


Well today was a nice a kind of day off from school. Even though a weekend just passed, it was kind of a procrastination for going back to school. Also it gave me a chance to see one of the schools I applied to. So far I've been accepted to all the Cal States I applied to and also one UC. However Riverside = smells like poo :[ I hope I get accepted into UCI so I have the chance to consider everything.

Overall I liked the campus and with the exploring I feel a little more comfortable moving out. It was weird, today when I talked to my friends they all wanted to move out. I know I initially thought that too, but none of their parents want them to leave. One of their parents even wants them to commute from West Covina. WTF right? Her grades are good enough that she should at least go to a UC, but Irvine is the closest and it took like 40+ minutes to get there. Imagine doing that everyday to and from. That would be horrible it would definitely tiring and still have work to do after getting home.

I'll display some of the pictures.
first camera whoring picture of the day with Ruby Doo

I have lots of candid shots of her :]

before we went to in-n-out to feed our hunger


Nikki, Jeff, Dino, and cut off Germaine

Ruby Doo again and Myquyen (I always feel bad cause I can't spell her name)

Ronnie Kaobutt and I

Our frapps<3

The lovers :]

Our shadows

More camera whoring

And the last before my camera died

I think the pictures of Ruby and I were nicer on Neenie's camera. Oh well it's okay. Most the ones after the Starbucks were taken in the little park that UCI has. It was pretty schweet :] It's really quiet on campus even during passing time. Maybe cause it's only passing period? I don't know, it's so different compared to high school campuses. UCI was much smaller than I expected, but somehow that's not a bad thing right.

Our tour guide talked about how they have these programs where you can spend a night with a freshmen on campus and follow them around to their classes. I think I'm going to do that with the UCs that I applied to so that I can have a better feel for where I want to go. Even though I may not get accepted to all of them. I how UCI I will! I'm not hoping for too much for UCSD and UCLA. I mean SD I MIIIIIIGHT have a chance, but not big. It never hurts to look I guess? Unless I get my hopes up and they crash... then that wouldn't be fun.

Oh yeah, fuck my skin =--= UGH. Hopefully I can find away to make everything SLOWLY go away. Like Hsiang Yi getting me BB cream :] That would be nice if she remembers and I miss my stickies. I can't believe we ran out. I think I'll try to catch her on MSN and remind her to buy some.

Today I went to BOA to deposit this month's paycheck. Yay money XD After we went to Longs and got a few things. I originally only wanted to go to get Rice Cakes, but they didn't have the flavor I wanted some I got some other stuff. UGH how irritating. Photobucket is being a bitch, I can't upload it. Whatever that's it for today.