Wednesday, February 25, 2009

brown day

Today I had breakfast with Kenly :) Norms wasn't all that great, but we didn't have to wait in line or anything. He treated me today, but I guess it's okay since I have to treat him when I get my license. His car smelled of cigarettes though >[ School was okay. Nothing really special. Bombed my bio exam, no surprise there. Timed writings are a butt D: I can't believe Mr. Emigh forgot to tell us about it. I like the weather today. Too bad I decided to wear a skirt so I was freezing. Thought the sun was going to come out! The weather reminds me of fall :] Nice and breezy. I dont' know have much to post for now. Have to do some homework so I can go to Mr. Wilson tomorrow! Maybe an update later tonight when I charge my camera batteries so I can upload stuff.

Outfit that I wore to school today

I did my nails last night. They're kind of crappy but whatever.

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