Friday, February 13, 2009

late nights

Okay so I finished mother's traffic school! Buahah passed the test with flying colors. It was annoying and tedious. The last section I just didn't read, I would skim. I felt like I knew most the things. I guess it's a good review for when I take my behind-the-wheels test in March. Excited, getting my license. So dumb though, I'm going to be 18 in a few months and I'm BARELY getting my license.

I totally live in the night. I mean I feel more comfortable doing work and night. I feel like the day time is for sleeping and spending time in nature. Nights are good for that when its summer. I want to start jogging. This weekend I think I'm going to help with finishing the other room so that I can have a study kind of.

I shall post about the Disneyland trip from the past Sunday and put pictures. I think I'll try to find time to blog more. I also need to get some make up stuff up here so I get join in the fun with rest of the beauty bloggers. I want to do Mona's (Make Me Blush) contest :] I'll probably going to get too lazy or something. Also want cousin to hurry up and come back from Taiwan so I can get my BB cream and stickies<3

Friday! I'm so happy for another three-day weekend. Hopefully I will be more productive! I scheduled my behind-the-wheels training. I'm so lazy to finish that even though I've been driving for the past six months. I haven't driven all week, feels kind of weird. I think I'm just lazy.

Grr mad a boss D< class="blsp-spelling-error" id="SPELLING_ERROR_3">winterbreak! Once this whole week!? UGH -__- I better be getting more work before the month ends, otherwise I won't be able to buy anything next month.

♥ Ann

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