Monday, February 2, 2009


Well today was a nice a kind of day off from school. Even though a weekend just passed, it was kind of a procrastination for going back to school. Also it gave me a chance to see one of the schools I applied to. So far I've been accepted to all the Cal States I applied to and also one UC. However Riverside = smells like poo :[ I hope I get accepted into UCI so I have the chance to consider everything.

Overall I liked the campus and with the exploring I feel a little more comfortable moving out. It was weird, today when I talked to my friends they all wanted to move out. I know I initially thought that too, but none of their parents want them to leave. One of their parents even wants them to commute from West Covina. WTF right? Her grades are good enough that she should at least go to a UC, but Irvine is the closest and it took like 40+ minutes to get there. Imagine doing that everyday to and from. That would be horrible it would definitely tiring and still have work to do after getting home.

I'll display some of the pictures.
first camera whoring picture of the day with Ruby Doo

I have lots of candid shots of her :]

before we went to in-n-out to feed our hunger


Nikki, Jeff, Dino, and cut off Germaine

Ruby Doo again and Myquyen (I always feel bad cause I can't spell her name)

Ronnie Kaobutt and I

Our frapps<3

The lovers :]

Our shadows

More camera whoring

And the last before my camera died

I think the pictures of Ruby and I were nicer on Neenie's camera. Oh well it's okay. Most the ones after the Starbucks were taken in the little park that UCI has. It was pretty schweet :] It's really quiet on campus even during passing time. Maybe cause it's only passing period? I don't know, it's so different compared to high school campuses. UCI was much smaller than I expected, but somehow that's not a bad thing right.

Our tour guide talked about how they have these programs where you can spend a night with a freshmen on campus and follow them around to their classes. I think I'm going to do that with the UCs that I applied to so that I can have a better feel for where I want to go. Even though I may not get accepted to all of them. I how UCI I will! I'm not hoping for too much for UCSD and UCLA. I mean SD I MIIIIIIGHT have a chance, but not big. It never hurts to look I guess? Unless I get my hopes up and they crash... then that wouldn't be fun.

Oh yeah, fuck my skin =--= UGH. Hopefully I can find away to make everything SLOWLY go away. Like Hsiang Yi getting me BB cream :] That would be nice if she remembers and I miss my stickies. I can't believe we ran out. I think I'll try to catch her on MSN and remind her to buy some.

Today I went to BOA to deposit this month's paycheck. Yay money XD After we went to Longs and got a few things. I originally only wanted to go to get Rice Cakes, but they didn't have the flavor I wanted some I got some other stuff. UGH how irritating. Photobucket is being a bitch, I can't upload it. Whatever that's it for today.

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