Saturday, February 28, 2009

curry + yogurt

This post is a bit late. I'm always too lazy to go back and upload old pictures. So we went to Curry House in Rowland Heights/ Hacienda. I'm not sure which city its considered to be in, but it's a few places down from Ninjiya market on Colima. It was on Valentine's day since I had already spent the day before with lover. So I went out with my other lovers :) I called up Erika and Quinzcy, but Bob joined us later because she had nothing to do. I thought she had competition so I didn't bother inviting her and some other friends. Came in the end :p

Here's some pictures of us while waiting for the bus. It took FOREVER, schedule lied.

Erika getting ready to hide

Camera whoring

Erika trying to hide
Was a bit sad that I forgot to go back for the special.

Erika's Shirley Temple

Someone's pink lemonade, I think Quinzcy's

Bob's Cocacola(?)
So I had told everyone to take a picture before they ate there food, but being a dumbass I forgot to take a picture of my own food. I shared an extra large seafood curry with Quinzcy, because she didn't want to order something and we decided to share.

The miso soup looks NOTHING like miso soup, but it was delicious. Came with the udon that Bob had ordered.

Erika's vegetarian curry pasta. I believe all the curry(s) came with a little salad with peanut dressing.

Bob's curry udon
After curry I wanted to try the yogurt place that was next door to it. I've always seen it when I go get in-n-out there, but never got the chance to go. I love how the store is decorated, so colorful and bright. Didn't really take pictures of the place, just random shots of each other.

Bob staring at me (I think?)

I was taking the sour patch kids out, because I didn't want them in my yogurt. I love sour patch kids though :)

Erika and more views of Tutti Frutti (name of yogurt place)

Some candid shots

Even more! I am not a very photogenic person >__<
And my yogurt! I don't know if I like the actual yogurt here too much, but I love the range they had. So much more toppings and flavors to choose from. You can see the cheesecake and brownie bits in my cup, yum <3>
After the yogurt we went into Ninjiya. I went in and got some Asian snacks for my sister and was looking around for the Lucido L products. I wasn't able to tell how much it cost so I opted to buy it later when I did. Luckily I chose not to cause looking back I spent rougly $100 that day. I don't know how >__> We went to the Target afterwards and I picked up some soap, chapstick, and Nivea products. I think I'll post those later though. We took Quinzcy and Erika home because they both had to be back earlier. Quinzcy had work and Erika had to babysit her brother. I felt that the day was too short so Bob and I went over to the Eastland shopping center.
Trying on random crap in Ross. We tried on those latex like leggings. Not very flattering on my legs. So I grabbed a random shirt off the rack to try on with it, but Bob ended up liking it and buying it. It's a pretty nice looking shirt. At the other Target I ended up finding the swim suit I wanted and got it :) I will also post pictures of that in another post. I think I'll end up doing an accumulative haul post soon.

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