Tuesday, June 30, 2009

DSK Jewelry Contest Entry

DSK is having a contest! This is my contest entry :] I'm too shy and lazy to do a video, maybe some other time. Visit her blog to browse her beautiful jewelry

1. What is your favorite food?
I love food in general! You better believe I've gained so much weight since school got out because of it. My favorite type is probably Italian and Japanese though. Pasta and all types of italian deserts. I love tiramisu, gelato, and etc. :] I aslo love almost all types of sushi. Handrolls, sashimi, unagi, and etc. (this is sad because it might be my longest answer)

2. What is your favorite beauty product that you can't live without!!?
My favorite beauty product would probably be queen helene mint juelup maque. I love it! My face feels all refreshed after using it. I use it about once a week because it would be very drying if I did it everyday.
3. What is the song that defines you, what is your favorite song of all time that could be the soundtrack to your life?? Will you be willing to email me this song (mp3)? :)
As of right now I think the song that defines me is Seventeen Forever by Metro Station. Not all the sex and stuff, but that we won't be at this age forever. I don't have a FAVORITE song, there's too many. Time is Running Out by Muse is always running through my head though. I think something about the some seems seductive.

4. What is your favorite magazine of allllll time?!
I don't read magazines a lot, but the only magazines I've bought recently are Teen Vogues. It's funny because I always buy issues that have the cast of Harry Potter on the cover B]

5. What is camera you use to take all your pictures for blog? ^_~
I use my red Sony t300 to take all my pictures.

6. What is your favorite color??!
My favorite color is purple! A nice dark shade of purple and green. Greens are pretty for the most part. Barney colors!

7. What is your favorite piece by DSK (post a picture (on your blog) sporting DSK Bling if you have some!)?!!! ^^
Some of my favorite DSK jewelry that I DON'T own is the plump lil' stars, the lariat necklaces, and I'm lovin' the leaf necklace. Things that I will buy when I can spare more of the money :p However, I love my 14mm clear ab heart :] It's so shiny!

8. What is your favorite casino game!!?
Not old enough to play casino games. Maybe when I go to Morongo, but the slot machine looks fun. Oh yeah, and craps is kind of fun but I still don't quite get it.
9. If you had to pick just one, would it be Gucci, LV, or Prada?
GUCCI! I like their bags a lot, looks really nice and the repeated logos look like a nice design.
10. Tell me an interesting fact about yourself. =P
My sister and have the same birthday, two years apart. I'm born on September 26, 1991 and she's born September 26, 1993. This is kind of about two of us, oh well.

11. Workout tips!! Your favorite work out tips, I gotta get fit!!
Swimming, when I was swimming I was in the best shape. I think if you know how do all the strokes properly then you give your whole body a workout. Swimming builds stamina and if you can get the butterfly down it works out your abs, arms, butt, and legs.
12. Tell me your workout routine if it exists! LOL
My workout routine is currently nonexistent :] I have been doing situps when I think of it though.

13. If you had to pic between an LV Damier Azur Speedy in 25, 30, and 35, which would you pick and why?
I think I would pick the speedy in 30 because I think it's a perfect size. It's not too big and not too small.
14. What would you name your future baby boy?
Elliot or Arik

15. What would you name your future baby girl?
Lenore or Ava

When I get around to it I'm going to post pictures and stuff about the wedding. I'm leaving July 9 at 12:30 am for Taiwan :] Unfortunately I have a five hour layover in Seoul, Korea. It's going to be like 4 am their time, so I can't go shopping in duty free either -__-

Saturday, June 27, 2009

playdate with amanda/ sephora

Amanda and I had a play date like two weeks ago and I'm barely posting about it now. We did each other's make up and this is what she did :]

this is my mini haul from sephora:
the double handled bag :] i like how it has the three different compartments for it

and also the mini stila lip glaze trio

what i got with amanda:
paul and joe summer collection lipgloss in 003, i think XD

three caramel corns of rilakkuma for my sister
my beauty diary facial mask in cherry blossom
hair velcro
gummichocolate peach :]
I also got an eyegloss but Amanda went to exchange it for the right color, but the color wasn't there -__- So now i have the pink one. Oh well!

Well that about sums up that!

busy busy

i've been buys AND lazy so i haven't been blogging but there's been things I've been meaning to show. I have decided to discontinue my summer album on blogger. I think I'll put it on picasa because i probably won't be able to post one everyday on that day, but i have been taking them day by day. I just got back from a trip to Utah so I shall be posting about that!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

day 6

day 6: 6/16/09
Amanda (http://kawaiikao.blogspot.com/) thought I was so weird for taking this picture XD We didn't take any pictures all day = fail. The curry croquette and curry pan. The croquette is so yummy! Not so much the pan, I thought pan was bread -__- You can get it at the ninjiya market<3

day 5

Day 5: 6/15/09
day 3/4 are on other camera's where I don't feel like getting them at the moment. So that was my last packet of sunflower crackers, they're so good :[

Sunday, June 14, 2009

day 2

day 2: 6/12/09

This was at like 3 or 4 am in the morning. I was on the dumbo ride, alone -__- We had an odd numbered group. Did anyone hear that they're going to close down that ride for some kind of Hannah Montana attraction, horrible.


marks the first day of summer!

So I decided this summer, I'm going take a picture everyday. It's kind of like the "365 days" things, but I only want to do it for the summer. I'm going to see if I can actually keep this up so my "first day" was the day of graduation.

day 1: 6/11/09
I'm so excited! There's so many things coming up; I'm going to Taiwan, I have my license this summer, and this is the last one before college. But more about plans later!



And Amanda :]

You can kind of see my make up here. I took it late and valedictorian next to me ;]
I really don't know what to talk about, so I'm just posting about whats been happening recently.

Sunday, June 7, 2009


I know this is REALLY late. Like a month XD I don't have much pictures because I didn't bring my camera. Wilson High School's theme was An International Affair. I went with my friend, there's not really much to say so I'll just show pictures!

In the party bus

You can tell my hair was curled. This was after like seven hours after it was curled.

Killed the corsage too, but I like a lot :]

Make up! The red turned more pink after putting a lighter eyeshadow to highlight

More posts to come

Friday, June 5, 2009

cold and green

So the weather in SoCal has been crazy. I think it's all of California after reading Chiara's blog. I like the weather though, it's weird for SUMMER but it's nice. It's been raining and we even had thunderstorms a few nights ago.

I wore black tights and boots, but took them off after I got home.
FOTD I did

Close up of the eyes:

I'll be sure to do more posts once school is over. Graduation is Thursday and grad night is RIGHT after it. We're going to be at Disneyland from 11pm to 7 am. I am going to be so owned.

Speaking of green, I got a mouse for my laptop.

My computer is dark blue, but I want to get one of those gelaskin covers that KimberlyTia also had.

Originally I got the color to match this gel skin, but the green isn't that close -__- So I think I might go back and return it and get the red one to match this one:

But I can't decide D: There wasn't a black one that was more universal so I don't know. The green is a really cute color though...I really can't decide between the two. Which one do you guys think?

Well in other news, I'm going to Taiwan on July 9th! I'm so happy! I will talk about it more later :] Tata for now