Wednesday, June 17, 2009

day 6

day 6: 6/16/09
Amanda ( thought I was so weird for taking this picture XD We didn't take any pictures all day = fail. The curry croquette and curry pan. The croquette is so yummy! Not so much the pan, I thought pan was bread -__- You can get it at the ninjiya market<3


kawaiikao said...

LOL!! the croquette was more yummy. next time we go to sally's and...perhaps go search for that place in san gabriel...or maybe we should save those places for AFTER taiwan you lucky gal! and we have to take pix next time!

M said...

yummmmy, that pic is making me HUNGRY!

i'd love to meetup in taipei! let me know which date works for you best :P
i don't have your email, let me know :)