Wednesday, February 18, 2009


We went to Disneyland on February 8th. So I think that's about two weeks ago. It was really fun going with friends. For the last three years when I go to Disneyland it's always with band&friends but it felt nicer since it was JUST our friends. There's really not that much to say about the day. We had free hoppers because of the fundraiser thing that most of us took place in so that was really good. We went to Disneyland first and went to California Adventures and then back to Disneyland until the park closed. Which was about 12 am, but I didn't get home until 1:20am because I taking people home.

In line for the first ride of the day :) Space Mountain. I love that ride! Me with Vivian

Haha don't I look stupid :) One of our friends didn't go on the ride though. He get's SOOO freaked out about roller coasters. He hates heights so, but so do I so I can't really relate to him.
We went onto the Astro Blasters (Buzz Lightyear!) ride after. The line was really short and it started to rain while we were in line. I think we went to the gift shop after. We spent quite awhile in the shop because people were getting gifts and to avoid the rain. I remember wandering off the the Star Wars gift shop and was SUPER disappointed because they didn't have have the Ewok keychain I wanted :( I was REALLY sad. I think we went to Indiana Jones and blah blah. Ate? Tiki room, kind of funny. I feel so bad cause I can't remember much. I have a feeling we went on Thunder Mountain after that. We went to California Adventures and the FIRST thing we did was watch the Aladin show there. For all the people that ever go to California Adventures, you should really go see it. It was really good, I never knew about until my friend told us to go. We went to Tower of Terror after.

And that's the result! I don't think you can see me cause my friend had to raise his BIG FREAKIN' hands in front of my friend and my face D<>
After getting off the ride we went to this Animation room that is in the "Hollywood" section of California Adventures.

Typical "couple" photo op. I took it with my secret affair Stacey ;)
There was kind of an art gallery nearby, but you can buy the work. These are some of the ones I liked more.

I loved the detail on this mosaic

This one was a prop, but Little Mermaid is my favorite Disney cartoon movie<3

Cute potrait of Stitch :)
We were on our way to get food, but like four of us wanted to go on the Grizzly Peak ride. It was fuckin' freezing! I don't know if you can imagine it, but California doesn't rain that much. I was soaked XD Oh well it was fun, so then we went to go get food. I was disappointed cause I had thought there was gumbo in California Adventures, but turns out the place only sold clam chowder, chili, brocoli cheese soup (which I love, but I wanted gumb0) and some vegetarian chili I think. I watched my friends eat. They ate at this place on the "pier" that they have in California Adventures. I was sad, they drained the water from the "pier." The ferris wheel was also down. But I finally got to ride the Giant Orange!
We went back to Disneyland and went to watched Fantasmic. I got my gumbo >D YUM delicious and went on Matterhorn and finished the night off with the new Small World ride.

Picture of me and friends on the Small World ride. I am dead tired here, you just can't tell :)

I like that they included the Disney characters. I think the new ride is a lot better<33
I think I will EVENTUALLY do a more beauty related post, but for now I just felt like getting something up and posts with pictures are ALWAYS more interesting.

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