Wednesday, May 6, 2009


some preprom stuff, from two weeks ago. i know this isn't much of a post but yeah. i think pictures tell stories enough. but omg these nails kind of sucked, last year i got them done by my friend's mom and they were WAY nicer.

my nails

Erika getting a pedicure

we went to eat at 1+1 dumpling after

didn't take pictures of the rest of our food

end results of my nails

Stacey's nails. She wore a red dress and used black for accent colors

Carolynn's nails, i think hers came out nicest

Quinzcy's nails

Stacey and Erika didn't get acrylics but the rest of us did. I should have just got a manicure since only two of my three of my nails out of ten were short -__- Oh well, too late! I'll post a better post tomorrow or maybe tonight.


kawaiikao said...

yay!! i remember when i used to go with all my gfs to get our nails done...aww i wanna see your prom pix!!

fuzkittie said...

Aw soo fun!!!! <3