Thursday, March 5, 2009

love from taiwan

my cousin just came back from taiwan recently and got me some stuff :] I asked her to bring me back the l'egere BB cream. I have yet to try it though. We were also talking about skinfood so she got me some random stuff from there. I can't wait to try these everything out. She also brought back some food, clothes, and earrings.

Heres the beauty related things I've been talking about. There are the skinfood nail polishes. It's a red glitter, yellow, and grey blue. I'll do swatches if anyone wants them (haha what readers?). The L'egere BB cream came with a moisture anti-aging serum. It has gold flakes in it! I don't think I'll be using this, but it seems so luxurious. Then my cousin got me a two-pack of Coverqueen BB cream. I've never heard of this, but it looks cheap compared the the L'egere so I'll probably end up trying it first.

no flash

She brought back some little souveniours from her short stop in Hawaii. I'm digging the earrings because I have a necklace that my other friend got from Hawaii with the same ones.

earring from Taiwan! I love the little gold crown ones. I think I like most jewelry that has any kind of 3d crown on it. The red ones are tiny, I feel like they will come off when I wear them, but they're cute. I think the little fairy ones are nice looking but it reminds me of Tinkerbell and I'm not very fond of her. They're pretty heavy too, so I'll be the only one in the house that even wears them.

Pineapple cake! I haven't had these in awhile because the Hong Kong Supermarkets have closed. The outside of the box

inside with flash

inside without
I love how the packaging is so nice. Makes the cakes seem even more delicious. I think that's just me dellusional after a nap though.

I wasn't quite sure what this was when my mother offered it to me, but I like it. The label at the bottom said "peanut old" directly translated it. I've never had these before but theyr'e good.
My cousin also gave us some clothes. I'm not sure if she bought them in Taiwan for us or if she bought them in Taiwan for herself awhile ago and can't fit them anymore. Some of them are cute :) I just have to figure out how to make them fit, because even pre-prego for her she was still bigger than us. This is probably my favorite one, I want to come up with an outfit for it >D

I like strips, but this looks like it will be too short on me

This is cute, really long though. Maybe something I would pair with a belt.

This one my sister said she was able to put a pillow underneath while wearing it and made herself look pregnant, so I don't know if I can do much with it.

I think I'll do some post with the clothes (if I can come up with anything decent) and update one the products I got.

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